February 1, 2020

Getec Industrial Offers Expanded Thermal Management Solutions for 2020

Getec Industrial had a great year in 2019. Getec’s Thermal Management Solutions Division has seen a 72% increase in sales and growth in 2019. “Getec has added many new customers with our innovative approach to the electronics thermal solutions market,” said Hart Cardozo III, COO of Getec Industrial. “And 2020 is looking even better.”

Friction stir welding used for a large heat sink design

To prepare for 2020, Getec’s Thermal Management Solutions Division has hit the ground running by upgrading its computerized workstations with state-of-the-art CAD software, and has added 12 new CNC milling machines to expand production. Getec has also recently added friction stir welding services to the Thermal Management Solutions Division, providing customers with an inexpensive option when it comes to manufacturing large extruded aluminum heat sinks (12, 20 or 30 inches or even wider).

Why Manufacturing Large Extruded Aluminum Heat Sinks is a Challenge

There are very few 36-inch extrusion presses in the world, and a limited number of 20- and 30-inch ones as well, which keeps the production cost for manufacturing large heat sinks very high. These larger aluminum extrusion presses require a 10 to 20-metric ton minimum run, and the cost of tooling a large extrusion press can range anywhere from $40K to $90K. This makes the cost of large, one-piece extruded aluminum heat sinks extremely cost prohibitive for most companies.

Why Friction Stir Welding is Better

This process joins two surfaces together using a rotating mechanical tool that fuses the surfaces of two smaller heat sinks together seamlessly. So instead of paying the huge production and tooling overhead costs for a 36-inch extruded aluminum heat sink, Getec Industrial can stir weld three 12-inch heat sinks together to create one seamless 36-inch heat sink with identical performance at a fraction of the cost.

“We welcome the thermal management challenges provided by today’s electronics marketplace,” said Cardozo.  “We believe that combining our workstation updates and additional CNC capacity with our friction stir welding services allows Getec to continue engineering creative thermal solutions for the new year of 2020 and beyond.”

Getec Industries Provides Best-In-Class Thermal Product Solutions

Whether it is using friction stir welding to create large heat sink designs or taking advantage of our premium CNC machining for aluminum products, Getec has the right thermal product solution for you.  For more information about Getec Industrial’s new Thermal Solutions Division offerings give us a call at 888-999-8499, contact us online, or send us an email at sales@getecna.com today.