What is Thermal Management Solutions?

Thermal management solutions keep industrial electronic devices running at their optimal performance. Electronics generate heat, which leads to major issues such as malfunctions and sometimes complete failure of the device. With the right thermal products, solutions are possible to keep electronics functioning. Getec helps you explore the different types of thermal management.

Heatsink Design for Thermal Management Solutions by Getec

What Industries and Applications Use Industrial Thermal Management Solutions?

Thermal management solutions are used across a wide variety of industries, including industrial manufacturing, aerospace, and food production. The solutions offered provide reliable performance to electronics in any setting.

The solutions in industrial thermal management are often a critical component to assist with automotive, aerospace, medical, and military vehicles and equipment. These solutions provide efficient cooling and temperature control despite demanding industrial applications and extreme temperatures or harsh environments.

In addition, they provide the necessary cooling power to keep work spaces comfortable while at the same time reducing energy costs associated with running inefficient equipment.

Industries that rely on industrial thermal management solutions include:

  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Power Generation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Chemical Processing
  • Medical Equipment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Military and Defense
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Data Centers

Thermal management systems are designed to protect sensitive components and electronics in industries such as manufacturing, telecommunications, defense, energy production, transportation, consumer electronics, and pharmaceuticals. By controlling heat levels in these sectors’ equipment, these systems ensure that their operations always remain uninterrupted.

 Industrial thermal management solutions include preventing system failure in computer servers used for mission-critical applications or protecting semiconductors used in high-power radio frequency transmitters.

What are the Types of Thermal Management Solutions Getec Uses?

Getec focuses on thermal management using heat sinks by increasing the surface area for heat transfer and regulating the temperature of electronic devices. Their performance and lifespan are prolonged by regulating them.

Heatsinks are common in thermal management solutions for industrial applications due to their ability to dissipate heat efficiently. They transfer heat away from hot components and into the surrounding environment. This allows components from overheating and extends their lifespan.

We use high conductivity thermal materials, such as aluminum and copper, to manufacture heatsinks. We also design heatsinks in various shapes and sizes to fit specific industrial applications, as needed by our clients. Heatsinks can also work with fans and other cooling systems to maximize efficient cooling power.

Heatsinks are most used in electronic devices that include computers, aerospace technology, power supplies, and other high performing equipment. Because they are used in applications that require high reliability, failures of heatsinks and other cooling methods can be costly and even dangerous in some situations.

  • Cold Plate
  • Custom Machined Heat Sinks
  • High Aspect Ratio Heat Sinks
  • Forged Heat Sinks
  • Progressive Stamped Heat Sinks
  • Active Heat Sinks
  • Custom Heat Spreaders
  • Folded Fin Heat Sinks
  • Other Custom Thermal Solutions

See our online heatsink design gallery here.

What is the Best Material for Thermal Management?

Aluminum is most used due to its superior thermal management properties. Aluminum’s characteristics are that it is lightweight, durable, and strong. These make it ideal for heat transfer and conduction due to its high thermal conductivity. Aluminum can effectively dissipate heat from components or circuits, which reduces the risk of overheating.

The corrosion resistance of aluminum makes it one of the best materials to use in humid environments as well as where chemicals are used. It is also used in other industrial applications.

The Advantage of Working with Getec

Getec offers thermal management solutions with a turnkey approach to manufacturing. Because we avoid subcontracting our projects to others, we greatly control the quality of our services, allowing us to generate (or surpass) your ideas. Because our company operates the entire life cycle of the project from conceptual design through to assembly, we can quickly make any changes and make improvements to your product if need be to guarantee it suits your needs.

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