Are you in search of a method to cool down your electronics and machinery? Explore the realm of cold plate heat sinks offered by Getec Industrial, the leading experts in thermal management solutions.

Cold plate heat sinks play a role in maintaining the temperature across various applications. At Getec, we specialize in crafting high quality cold plate heat sinks using lightweight and thermally conductive aluminum. These heat sinks excel in performance. We also prioritize eco friendliness and cost effectiveness.

 Key Benefits of Cold Plate Heat Sinks 

  1. Exceptional Cooling: Our cold plate heat sinks ensure durable thermal management to keep your equipment cool and functioning at its best.
  2. Durability and Lightweight Design: Manufactured with aluminum, these heat sinks strike a balance between being lightweight and durable, making them versatile for a range of applications.
  3. Customizable Designs: Our cold plate heat sinks can be tailored to meet your requirements in various sizes and shapes.

Applications of Cold Plate Heat Sinks 

Getec’s cold plate heat sinks find versatility across industries:

  1. Electronics: Heat sinks are the choice for preventing issues in electronic devices.
  2. Automotive: Perfectly suited for managing heat within car engines and other automotive systems.
  3. Aerospace: Ensuring proper temperature control is crucial, for both aircraft and spacecraft.
  4. Renewable Energy: It plays a role in optimizing the performance of panels and wind turbines.

Why Choose Custom-Machined Heat Sinks from Getec?

In the rapidly evolving technological landscape of the present era, it is imperative to effectively manage and eliminate heat, particularly in industrial manufacturing applications. The heat sink assumes a crucial role in directly addressing this challenge.

However, its true utility lies in its ability to be customized to meet specific requirements, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Every custom machined heat sink serves as a remarkable testament to the harmonious integration of precision and innovation.

Why Choose Custom-Machined Cold Plate Heat Sinks from Getec?

  1. Production of Specialized Aluminum

The production of specialized aluminum is a field in which we possess extensive knowledge, particularly in the 5000, 6000, and 7000 lines of aluminum alloys. Our expertise in this area ensures that our clients can benefit from the optimal properties that aluminum has to offer. Additionally, we offer a diverse range of 11 extrusion tools that can accommodate various requirements, regardless of their size or weight.

  1. Special Extrusion Features

At Getec, we thrive on embracing challenges. Our expertise lies in crafting intricate aluminum shapes that often intimidate others.

What is our commitment? We ensure prompt completion of your projects, guaranteeing that you never encounter any delays.

  1. Using the Most Up-to-Date Technology

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our organization has revolutionized the concept of precision. Our team of experienced professionals in the aluminum extrusion division ensures that our heat sinks are of unparalleled quality, employing 16-wire CNC EDM tools and the latest CAD/CAM engineering software.

  1. Efficient Cost and Time-Saving Approach

We possess the capability to manufacture our extrusion dies internally. Should any modifications be required, our proficient on-site team enables us to swiftly alter the design, ensuring that your heat sink will precisely meet your specifications.

Imagine having equipment that operates smoothly without any concerns about overheating. With Getec’s aluminum cold plate heat sinks this is not a dream but a reality. Improve the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment.

Are you ready to enhance the efficiency of your equipment? Contact Getec Industrial today t 888-999-8499, send an email to, or utilize our user-friendly online form.