Getec Industrial’s Aluminum Extrusion Division

Getec Industrial’s Aluminum Extrusion Division provides a full line of extruded aluminum products and services, including high performance and custom shapes to suit your needs. Getec Industrial fabricates all of our own extrusion dies in-house and is the best in the business.

Featuring 16 wire CNC EDM machines that interface with the latest CAD/CAM engineering software, our Aluminum Extrusion Division employs top-notch engineers to ensure our customers receive the highest standard of quality as well as the fastest lead-times in the business. From the inception of your extrusion design to the completed turnkey product, our team provides expertise on everything from cost saving ideas to increased thermal performance of your product’s design.

Products and Services

  • 11 Extrusion Press Diameters from 2”-20” From 600-6500 tons
  • 16 CNC EDM Machines
  • In House Die Fabrication
  • Quick Turn Die Fabrication
  • Premium Billet Casting
  • Custom Extrusions
  • Thermal Extrusions
  • Drawn Tubing
  • High Aspect Ratio Profiles
  • Extruded Tubing
  • Seamless Drawn Tube
  • Extruded Drawn Tube
  • Custom Aluminum Shapes and Sizes Available
  • Alloys 2024, 6000 series (6061, 6063), 7000 series (7050, 7075)
  • See Extrusion Profile (PDF List)