March 25, 2015

Heat Sinks and Thermal Solutions for LED Industry

LED, which is known for being unlike filament, bulbs, gases, or mercury, is a solid-state technology. LED produces light generated by heat that occurs as a result of a diode passing through. LEDs must be designed in a way to absorb the heat and transmit light without overheating.

Thermal Management Manufacturing of Heatsinks for the LED Industry

Manufacturing aluminum heatsinks for the LED industry is one of the biggest challenges faced in the world of lighting technology. The more an LED is subject to heat, the less it becomes capable of generating light.

Breakdowns are very common in LEDs that don’t stay under a managed level of heat. All LED manufacturers now add aluminum heat sinks that absorb the heat, causing the high performance lights to consistently turn on and off.

LED are best used for short periods of time. When used for a long duration without being turned off at least once, the inner heat of the LED may begin to stress the high performance aluminum and weaken the light’s overall performance.

An LED’s lifespan has a direct connection to the amount of time it gets used each session. Both short and long-term performance will drop unless the right type of aluminum, which constantly absorbs maximum heat pressure off the LED, maintains the LED.

Contact the Leader in Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturing

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