October 1, 2013

How CNC Precision Machining Services Provide Low Cost Production and Consistently Quality Products

With over 30 years of experience in research and development, the maturity of CNC precision machining services make the both dependable and reliable. Over the years their constant improvements have eliminated the types of system elements that can diminish reliability.

The specific intentions and applications for this precision CNC machining company varies from one type of machine to the next. However, there are benefits to CNC that come in many forms. Some of them are mentioned here-

Low-Cost Production

Once the machines are set up, they will repeat with extreme accuracy and only require the smallest of machinist level intervention. This will include-

• Fast, Consistent, Finished Goods
• High Level Consistency & Accuracy From Part to Part
• Satisfied Customers
• Machining Centers With the Capability of Milling Almost Any Material Imaginable
• Fast Programming & Setup, Custom Fixture Parts, & Rapid Shipment as Close as Possible to The Order Date

One major benefit that all forms of custom CNC machining services provides, is improved automation. The machine operators who monitor and measure dimensions as well as tool ware intervention in relation to producing the work pieces, can actually be reduced or even eliminated altogether.

A lot of CNC machines are able to operate unattended throughout their entire machining cycle. This frees up operators to perform other tasks like measuring parts when they come off a machine to ensure they have the proper dimension quality. They will also have more time to monitor tool ware.

This is a definite advantage for CNC users. It gives them several side benefits like the following:

• Fewer Human Error Mistakes
• Less Operator Fatigue
• Consistent/Predictable Machining Time per Piece

Because the machining runs under program control, there is a lower level of skill required by the CNC operator (in relation to basic machining practices) when compared to machinists who produce work pieces using conventional machining tools.

Consistency & Accuracy

The second major benefit gained from CNC technology is the consistency and accuracy of the work pieces. The CNC machines today can boast of unbelievable repeatability and accuracy specifications. That means that once programs are verified, they can easily produce 5, 10, 50, or even 1,000 work pieces that are totally identical, with great precision and excellent consistency.

An additional benefit to a precision CNC machining company is that they can offer undeniable flexibility. Because these machines run from set programs, it means that running different pieces is as easy as simply loading up a different program. After the program is verified and has executed one production run, then it becomes a simple matter to recall that program whenever that work piece needs to be run again.

That leads us into yet another great benefit to CNC machining, which is the ability to perform fast changeovers. Because of the ease of setting up and running these machines, and because these programs are very easily loaded, the setup time is very short. This is a crucial element in today’s modern ‘Just-in-Time- production requirements.