October 24, 2022

Machined Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturers

Most heat sinks require secondary processing (post production) and need to be cut and pressed. This typically includes machining of some sort. Because Getec can produce machined heat sinks from a solid hunk of aluminum, we can create complex shapes (geometries) that provide superior heat transfer in electronics.

Machined Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturers GetecAluminum Machined Heat Sink Manufacturer Getec

For most companies, machined heat sinks are costly and take a long time to produce, but because Getec is an aluminum extrusion manufacturer, we have considerable resources available for rapid prototyping and production. This allows us to create custom designed thermal management solutions for your specialized needs at a better price than our competition. This includes work for short run projects that many of our competitors will not even think about taking on.

Getec’s Precision CNC Machining for Heat Sinks

Take Advantage of Getec’s Precision CNC Machining for Aluminum Heat Sinks Today

As one of North America’s leading aluminum extrusion manufacturers, our machined aluminum heat sink designs are perfect for your specialized needs. Please complete our simple online contact form, call us at 888-999-8499, or email us at sales@getecna.com to get more information.