July 21, 2017

Material Advantages and Benefits of Aluminum – Part 4

This month, we complete our four-part series on the material advantages and benefits of aluminum. Along with other benefits, aluminum is lightweight, easily recyclable, and strong, making it the perfect metal for heat sink manufacturing, seamless drawn tubing, and other thermal management solutions.

extruded aluminum heat sink manufacturing


One major benefit of aluminum is its strength and durability. Aluminum is an incredibly resilient material that can be forged to be as strong as steel. It’s the second-most used material in automobiles, and is also used in shark cages, military vehicles, and NASA spacecrafts due to its durability.


Aluminum is most likely part of your everyday life. It occurs naturally in soil, water, and air and is used in antacids, astringents, and food additives. In fact, the average adult in the United States eats about 7–9 mg of aluminum per day in their food. All metals can be toxic in excess, but aluminum is perfectly safe for use in everyday products.

Thermally Conductive

Conduction is the process through which heat is transferred from high-temperature solids to low-temperature solids. Heat sinks use conduction to transfer heat away from the desired area. Aluminum has a thermal conductivity of 235 watts per Kelvin per meter, making it efficient at transferring heat. Though certain metals, such as copper, are more thermally conductive, aluminum combines its efficient conductivity with being lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to work with.

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