July 19, 2021

4 of the Most Common Aluminum Extrusion Profile Types

The wide variety of different extruded aluminum profiles possible is one of the significant benefits of these materials. It is possible to form them into an impressive number of different shapes and sizes to meet a designer’s needs from an aesthetic standpoint and a structural point of view. The three basic categories of shapes are hollow, solid, and semi hollow.

Common aluminum extrusion profile types manufacturers

From these three basic classifications, a wide range of possibilities exist. Here at Getec, we are the industry’s leading extruded aluminum manufacturers, and we have some important information for you to consider. The following information is regarding four of the most common aluminum extrusion profiles.

1. Square Tubes

The characteristics of square tubes include defined square corners. These are on both the inside radius and the outside radius. Various industries use them in structural applications that need a more lightweight type of material.

2. Rectangular Tubes

Their defined, square corners characterize these tubes. These corners are outside the radius and inside it. Their size generally ranges from one-half of an inch to eight inches per side. The thickness of their walls typically ranges from 1/8 to 1/2 of an inch. This type of tubing is known for being easy to machine, weld, and cut. It also has excellent finishing qualities that make it an ideal option for applications such as window and door frames and architectural trim.

3. Round Tube

These tubes are available in the largest number of sizes of the options listed here. The outer diameter of round aluminum tubes ranges from 5/8 of an inch up to 16 inches. It is an option known for its toughness and strength, as well as its excellent corrosion resistance.

4. Drawn Tubing

Drawn tubing is a tubing option that is perfect for applications that need materials with tight tolerance. It is also great for applications that require high structural integrity and outstanding performance when placed under pressure.

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