April 19, 2013

The Benefits of Aluminum Extrusion in Industry

Aluminum offers many distinct characteristics that are increasingly popular in the wide variety of industries that utilize extruded aluminum profiles in their manufacturing processes. Strength and durability in the finished product are well preserved even while aluminum’s malleability allows for cost effective design and production options not possible with other metals alone.

Alloys composed of aluminum and other metals create a versatility that has become the standard for manufacturers worldwide. An aluminum extrusion design company can utilize the many benefits of aluminum’s versatility to improve the production of many different products and manufacturing processes.

Widely known for its strength and flexibility, there are many other benefits to using extruded aluminum profiles. Aluminum is highly conductive of electricity and it efficiently transfers heat. These qualities make it the best choice for usage in items such as radiators, air conditioners, and condenser tubes.

Aluminum is also in wide demand by the computer, electronics, video, and audio industries. Because aluminum is both light weight and strong, extruded aluminum profiles are also a favorite in the manufacture of large items, such as aircraft, vehicles, boats, subways, railroad cars and spacecraft.

Aluminum is used not only for the large body surfaces, finishes and structures, but also in the production of the engines and drive trains that power them.
Tubing made from aluminum is non-magnetic, making it useful for housing braided coaxial wire and cables. The corrosion and rust resistant qualities of aluminum also allow it to be used in mining processes and military armaments.

Aluminum is also a top choice for industrial usage because it can be recycled over and over and still retain its structural integrity. With naturally abundant supplies of this metal, an aluminum extrusion design company has access to a constant and economically feasible supply of aluminum that meets and exceeds the needs of its customers. When manufacturing demands the qualities of design flexibility and product performance, aluminum extrusion is the most cost effective option for the industrial needs of both today and years to come.