January 30, 2014

The Top Benefits of Precision CNC Machining for Aluminum Services in Aluminum Extrusion

There are quite a few methods used to accurately complete aluminum extrusion fabrication. The elements selection within the fabrication process will depend upon end use specifications for the specific product that is being manufactured. The procedure can be a simple one, or a complex system that demands more precise specifications. It could be there is a call for producing a very large quantity of certain parts, or for creating prototypes, or precision metal stamping for aluminum services. CNC (computer numerical controlled) milling, is a fabrication method for aluminum extrusion that is very versatile. It is able to manage a broad and diverse range of requirements for manufacturing.

CNC Milling – Aluminum Extrusion Fabrication

The goal of CNC milling is the systematic and accurate creation of identical aluminum components, and to do it in a manner that is both continuous and consistent. This kind of process contains the following stages:

The components are exposed to complex machining procedures. There is no human handling involved. Because it is computerized, it can prevent any tolerance variations within reproduced components.

The preciseness of the technology of CNC machining is able to create a total machining solution by utilizing long-bed or short-bed lathes. It can also deliver variable high-speed vertical or horizontal machining and tapping centers (3,4, or 5-axis). It also delivers the robotic and automated handling of equipment. This enables the manufacturers to meet the demands of producing high-precision components, including diverse sizes and configurations.

The indexing features give them 4-axis rotating capabilities. This enables the extrusion material to be lathed on all surfaces, within 1 or 2 configurations, which enhances the precision of the drilling, bending, welding, punching, cutting, and milling.

CNC Milling Fabrication – The Benefits

CNC milling delivers a lot of good benefits along with the production of top quality aluminum extrusion products. They are aluminum extrusion turnkey manufacturing at its best.

The automated manufacturing process gives you several secondary facilities for machining. This, in turn, lowers production costs, due to less labor being required, and it eliminates waste caused by human error. It is efficiency in motion. All work is centralized and located in one single location. This reduces time-lines and simplifies the logistics, with just one vendor being required.

Automation increases output and makes it possible for the production line to operate without interruption, and for longer periods of time. Safety is another improvement it brings to the table. Experienced operators are able to control the processes from one central command center, which minimizes the human intervention involved. A line can be stopped or restarted by an operator as necessary for taking any type of corrective measures.

CNC milling has the adaptability to make any design or specification changes with a lot of flexibility. They are able to make fast changeovers simply by loading up a new tested and verified program. They also have the ability to reload and revert back to, any previous program at will, without compromising the reliability of the fabrication in regard to quality and consistency. They continuously turn out the best in precision CNC machining for aluminum services.