July 27, 2015

The Top Capabilities of Our Quality Aluminum Extrusions

As one of the leading custom aluminum extrusion companies, Getec Industrial is your solution for locating a basic configuration, a complex hollow or custom profile. Utilizing only certifiable, high-quality materials, we are able to create precision aluminum extrusions. No extrusion design is too difficult for Getec Industrial to handle. We provide personalized design and fabrication to help meet and exceed our customers’ needs.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Capabilities

Our vast resources and capabilities allow us to collaborate with you to reduce your overall expenditures and product cycle time.

Stretch Forming and Bending: Our contemporary equipment and trained staff of craftsmen are able to tackle work orders that require stretch forming or bending.

Precision Machining: CNC machining provides detailed, precision fabrication exactly to your specifications.

Aluminum Fabrication: There is no job that our skilled craftsman cannot handle. We work with you from start to finish, whether it is a simple punch, a cut to desired length or a need for complex precision machining.

Finishing: We offer a distinct line of Alexandria Industries coatings for you finished product, which includes, but not limited to, anodizing, etching, painting, plating, and heat-treating.

Heat Sinks: Heat dissipation products are an essential component for many of our customers. We provide technical design assistance to fabricate heat sinks that will meet your requirements.

Using Pure Aluminum Ingot

Pure aluminum ingot is employed in all Getec Industrial billet castings, unlike others that may use an inferior quality aluminum product. Pure aluminum billet castings allow for greater thermal performance in the heat sink product line. When seeking custom aluminum extrusion suppliers, think of Getec Industrial first.

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