December 31, 2013

Why Custom Extruded Aluminum Manufacturers Recommend Using Aluminum Over Other Metals for Profiles

One of the most common materials used with steel and iron is aluminum. Aluminum is a leading material in today’s industries. Aluminum has a lot of qualities that other metals do not. Engineers continue to discover different types of applications for aluminum, such as replacements for modular steel tools.

Weight and Strength Advantage for Aluminum Extrusions

A very distinct industrial advantage of aluminum is the fact that aluminum weighs a lot less than steel, so it can be used where weight is a very important factor. It makes sense to use an aluminum profile when using aerospace tools and cooling skins.

Aluminum is also ductile, which makes it able to be used in a variety of forms. Aluminum is best when there are flat panels, or forms, that are needed. Extrusion makes it very easy to produce a variety of parts, while still staying under your budget.

The T shape is one of the most popular shapes when creating profiles. The T shape works perfectly because the grooves in the shape that run alongside of the profiles are easier to create compared to other metals such as steel. Because of this, extrusions tend to be used to produce industrial partitioning, which include workstations and smoking cabins.

Aluminum Requires Little Maintenance

Aluminum is very inexpensive and requires a very small amount of care. It can be used as an aluminum heat because it is very resistant to corrosion. It may not be the easiest when extracting, but it is one of the most abundant elements on earth.

Aluminum creates a layer that is protective and most exposed to air. The layer produces natural protection, which reduces the chance of corrosion. In the process of industrial application, the coating of oxide ranges from five times to 25 microns in the process of iodization. It is possible that another layer be put on top of the existing layer, which will protect the metal even more.

More Intricate Custom Aluminum Extrusion Designs Possible

Aluminum die cast metal can make intricate fins that will dissipate heat at a quicker rate. The surface area will also cool the metal faster. More and more high-powered LED lights are being sold, and the challenge is managing the cooling process with a small size. Aluminum die cast heat sinks have provided very effective systems of cooling devices which allowing manufacturers to produce smaller, and very powerful, LED devices.

In order to get a chance to experience the benefits of aluminum one should research an aluminum extrusion design company, a custom extruded aluminum manufacturers, or a thermal management solutions company.