November 3, 2015

Why Extruded Aluminum Profiles are Preferred Over Other Tooling Options

Aluminum profiles are the preferred method for extrusions over other tooling options. The manufacturing industry has advanced in technology to provide fast lead times at competitive prices. Many industries rely on aluminum extrusions, including the government, LED lighting industry, and more.

What are Extruded Aluminum Profiles?

Aluminum profiles are shapes that are extruded. They may take on tubular, star, square, rectangle, open, and other shapes to meet the needs of the client’s project. We perform aluminum extrusion by melting the aluminum and pushing it through a die to squeeze out the shape needed.

Benefits to Extruded Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum is preferred as a metal over other materials because it is lightweight. The metal helps to reduce the possible additional shipping charges due to heavy weighted steel or other metals. Aluminum is also durable and corrosion resistant. The strength of the metal makes it a top choice to use in different applications.

Aluminum extrusion profiles can be manufactured on a short lead time. Without needing to use additional tooling, besides our value-added machining, we provide fast lead times.

If a client has a project they need quickly, Getec manufactures everything in-house to reduce lead times even more without needing to ship parts off to third party manufacturers. By having everything completed in-house, you also save money on pricing without the markup from having to use an outside vendor.

Getec also has many different shapes, finishes, sizes, and styles of aluminum extrusion profiles in stock. We also perform custom aluminum extrusion profiles from the conception of your project to finish.