August 16, 2021

The Truth About LED Thermal Management

People everywhere are discovering the truth about LED thermal management. Though LED has been around for years, people are only now starting to utilize its true benefits. The problem that people are facing is that the way to care for LED with thermal management is different from the already known ways.

Let’s Talk LED

LED is short for “lighting emitting diode.” It is known as solid-state lighting (SSL), which gives off light when it has power. LEDs require a driver, which is its power supply. This supply creates a voltage that pushes the charge through the LED creating a current, and the current is a rate at which the charge flows. The more power you have, the more flow.

LED thermal management solutions and design

The Truth About LED

The truth is that LEDs also need thermal management solutions. You can not have one without the other because LEDs are heat-sensitive in ways that normal light sources are not. This means that the life span will decrease, and the colors will fade without a thermal management solution.

It is estimated that by the year 2030, LED lighting could save about 190 terawatt-hours of electricity. That is equal to about 24 large power plants or 95 million homes, resulting in 15 billion dollars in savings.

The Cool Side Of Thermal

You need thermal management to ensure that you are getting the full life span of your LED light. Though these lights last longer, they won’t last any longer than an incandescent bulb without proper care. The LEDs are heat sensitive which is what thermal management provides.

  • Active cooling: This has a system that blows air out, or the LED to keep it cool. Things like a conventional fan are in the active cooling class. There is also new technology like the SynJet technology, which actively sucks out hot air. These are all highly customizable.
  • Passive cooling: A heat-sink method draws out the heat by taking heat from any solid material to a fluid medium like air or water. These types of methods usually are bulky and less customizable.

You need a cool-down system that is efficient and cost-effective. It also needs to be able to work in low power and be able to withstand vibrations as well as have moisture protection. Thermal management is the wave of the future. You need to incorporate LED to continue to grow with the times, and you need us to help get you there.

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