April 25, 2016

3 Facts About Aluminum Seamless Tubing Benefits

Seamless tubing is used in a variety of situations in several industries. In industrial environments, for example, there is a high demand in applications. Tubing has to be reliable and sturdy to match customer requirements in industries that use chemicals, petrochemicals, fertilizers, pulp and paper, food processing, and other industries.

The materials used in tubing has many benefits, such as:

    • • Corrosion resistance in many different environments
    • • Useful in water conditions
    • • Resistant to high temperatures
    • • Performance is high in a variety of temperature conditions

<li• Can transfer heat to other elements

  • • Available in a number of size ratios


Seamless tubes are used in the exchange of liquids most often. As a seamless tube manufacturer, we can make them specifically as needed. There are standard options available and custom tubing that is created to order.

Aluminum Seamless Tubing is Versatile

There are several reasons for a company to choose aluminum as the main material. The production of seamless tubing brings several benefits to our customers. At Getec, we can extrude a low or high ratio of sizes for any application.

Here’s a few reasons why:

  • • The cost effectiveness of aluminum makes the material one of the widest used in the industry. Creating the die and cast for this material is less expensive as compared to other metals. There is an abundance of aluminum available that contributes to this metal’s cost effectiveness. It is also recyclable, which means there is little waste in using it.
  • • Aluminum can be used in different shapes and sizes. Shapes range from circular, rectangular, square, to custom shapes. Using aluminum as the material makes the shapes strong and durable.
  • • Aluminum tubing is one of the main materials that can withstand high heat environments. It can prevent the materials inside from being affected by the heat and also transfers heat. It is also well suited to low temperatures.

Getec provides a full line of turnkey fabrication for seamless tubing that includes CNC machining, finishing, and more.