Getec Industrial specializes in creating custom heat sink designs focusing on aluminum extrusion. Our team is dedicated to tackling thermal management challenges across industries such as aviation, telecommunications, electronics, LED lighting, and energy.

Passive Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sink Design

What Sets Us Apart

Our cutting-edge facilities cover 300,000 feet and can process over 975 metric tons of extruded aluminum annually. This enables us to oversee the manufacturing process—from design and extrusion to machining and final distribution—ensuring top-notch quality and consistency in all our products.

Our Services

  • Aluminum Extrusion: We craft aluminum into tailored shapes that cater to your thermal management requirements.
  • CNC Machining: Precision is paramount in our manufacturing process. Our CNC machining capabilities guarantee attention to detail.
  • Metal Stamping: We deliver quality metal components.
  • Complete Plating Facility: Our comprehensive services include expert plating for a top-quality finish on your products.

Our Approach to Thermal Management

  • Anticipating Thermal Performance: Using software tools, we predict and optimize your systems’ efficiency. Custom Heat Sink Design: Our team creates heat sinks and heat pipes known for their cooling capabilities and customizes them to suit your requirements.
  • Electronics Cooling Design:We design cooling solutions to ensure the dependability and durability of PCBs and semiconductor devices.
  • Quality Materials: Our products are crafted using premium aluminum, guaranteeing top-tier quality.

Comprehensive Consulting Services

Our expertise extends beyond manufacturing. Our consulting services cover all aspects of management:

  • Prototype Development: Collaborating with you from inception to create efficient and practical prototypes for production.
  • Optimizing Thermal Efficiency: Providing expert guidance to maximize the performance of your products.

Interested in Enhancing Your Thermal Management?

Whether you’re facing challenges or aiming to enhance product performance, Getec Industrial is ready to assist you. Contact us today to discover how our custom-designed heat sinks and comprehensive thermal solutions can elevate your operations.

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Embark on your path to improved regulation with Getec Industrial, the companion for customized heat dissipation and thermal remedies.