At Getec Industrial, we’re at the forefront of thermal management innovation, dedicated to crafting custom heat sink designs that meet the demanding needs of industries like aviation, telecommunications, electronics, LED lighting, and energy.

Our commitment to delivering top-tier thermal solutions such as custom aluminum extrusions, custom heat pipe bending, and aluminum heat sinks is unmatched. We tackle the toughest thermal challenges, ensuring that every solution we provide is not just effective but revolutionary.

State-of-the-Art Turnkey Manufacturing Facilities

Performance Heat Sink Design & Manufacturing
Our comprehensive turnkey operations sprawl over 300,000 square feet, equipped to handle more than 975 metric tons of extruded aluminum annually. Our facility is the heart of our manufacturing prowess, featuring advanced capabilities in:

Complete Plating Facility

By managing every step of the design, manufacturing, customization, and distribution process internally, we guarantee the highest quality and consistency across all our products.

Innovative Thermal Design Solutions

Our approach to thermal management is comprehensive, designed to serve a wide array of applications from electronics cooling to large-scale industrial systems. Our capabilities include:

  • Predicting Thermal Behavior: We use cutting-edge software to anticipate thermal performance and refine designs for optimum effectiveness.
  • Custom Heat Sink Design: We engineer high-performance heat sinks and heat pipes that enhance cooling and ensure superior performance.
  • Electronics Cooling Design: We develop specialized cooling solutions for PCBs and semiconductor devices to boost their longevity and functionality.
  • Materials: We use premium aluminum in our designs to push the boundaries of quality and innovation.

Comprehensive Consulting Services

Our consulting services are meticulously designed to address every facet of thermal management:

  • Prototype Design: We work closely with you to develop thermally efficient designs that are both practical and manufacturable.
  • Thermal Efficiency Optimization: We provide expert advice on maximizing thermal performance for your products and systems.

Partner with Getec Industrial for Your Thermal Management Needs

With our extensive experience and dedication, Getec Industrial is uniquely positioned to exceed your expectations. We are committed to enhancing the performance, efficiency, and reliability of your products through our tailored thermal design and consulting services.

Ready to Optimize Your Thermal Management Solutions?

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