September 1, 2020

4 Benefits of Seamless Aluminum Tubing

Seamless aluminum tubing is the preferred method for manufacturing thermal management solutions to create tubing for a variety of industries. They can be produced in round, rectangular, and square shapes for a wide variety of uses. Here are some of the reasons why seamless aluminum tubing is wanted in today’s manufacturing environment. Applications can include a variety of industries, including gas, aviation, aerospace, building, and military.

How Seamless Aluminum Tubing is Made

Seamless aluminum tubing can be manufactured in two ways. The most common method is pushing aluminum billet through a die and special press at high temperature—AKA aluminum extrusion. This creates a baseline seamless aluminum tube which then can be processed to make it have a more uniform wall thickness for the pipe.

Example of seamless aluminum tubing

1 – No Weld Seams

Seam welds are a point of weakness in a welded aluminum tube. If the pipe is deformed or flattened it may split the seam at the weld point. Any tubing with a seam must be tested for weld integrity as well.

2 – Increased Strength and Structural Integrity

Seamless aluminum tubing is much stronger than its welded tube counterpart. As a result, these seamless aluminum tubes are excellent for high-pressure liquids and gases. According to the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), the working pressure of a seamless aluminum tube is 20 percent greater than that of a welded tube of the same material and size.

3 – Superior Corrosion Resistance

Seamless tubing has superior corrosion resistance because there is not a lot of potential for defects within it–these are often attributed to the seam in seamed aluminum tubing. This seam can also have different malleability which can possibly be vulnerable to corrosion.

4 – Uniform Appearance

A weld creates a noticeable seam after the metal has been anodized. So, for applications where the cosmetic appearance of the aluminum tubing is critical, going with seamless aluminum tubing is the way to go.

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