August 1, 2019

5 Common Precision Metal Stamping Processes

Getting parts out of sheet metal is a refined process that has been perfected over recent decades, and many of the common metal objects within your reach used one or more of the following techniques to produce it. Precision metal stamping can produce almost any shape using the following processes:


Punching is the most common process associated with precision metal stamping. It is when a die is used to “punch through” the sheet metal, creating a hole where needed in the worked metal.

Precision metal stamping


Blanking is the opposite process of punching. Instead of punching a hole in the existing sheet metal, blanking is the process of cutting out a rough outline of the finished piece of metal from the sheet metal itself.


Bending in precision metal stamping is just what it sounds like. It is when the metal is bent using the metal press into simple “L,” “U” or “V” shapes. These are simple bends and can cause burrs and occasionally sharp corners, requiring metal stamping post processes such as deburring or grinding.


Coining is the process of squeezing an image or pattern into the worked metal. The name comes from the best example of the coining process, creating coins and currency from metal. Coining is the technique used when stamping fine detail to the front surface of the metal. Other examples of items produced using coining include buttons and jewelry.


Embossing creates an imprint of a design by pressing the worked metal against a die shaped to create the desired image in the metal. This technique is commonly used to add decorative patterns to the metal by pushing a die into the metal from behind to create a raised pattern on the front-side of the metal. Some examples of embossing might be the raised letters or numbers you see for serial numbers, part numbers or branding of that metal.

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