March 1, 2020

5 Industries That Use Aluminum Extrusion Design Extensively

Aluminum extrusion design is more popular today than ever. Why? Because it has an excellent strength to weight ratio and is inexpensive to manufacture and machine when compared with steel and most other metals. Here are just a few of the industries that use a lot of aluminum extrusion tubing and designs in their products:

Extruded aluminum tubing

1 – Automotive

With the growing customer demand for greener vehicles, automotive engineers are looking for ways to decrease the average weight of a vehicle while delivering an improved fuel economy without losing a lot of strength. Extruded aluminum is the perfect material for about every part on not only autos, but boats, trucks, railway and subway cars as well.

Extruded aluminum designs can be used for panels, chassis, housings, engine blocks and most other component parts for the vehicle. Extruded aluminum is also used extensively in automobile radiators and air conditioning units because of its heat management properties.

2 –Construction

Extruded aluminum design is used extensively throughout the construction industry, providing internal structural support, lighting fixtures, windows and door frames, railings, and decorative elements around buildings.

3 – Industrial Manufacturing

Many industrial parts use extruded aluminum. Because extruded aluminum is so easy to cut, drill, and shape it is one of the best metals used for manufacturing in any industry. Extruded aluminum is also used for many common features seen in industrial facilities such as carts, workbenches, shelving units, and even machine guards on dangerous equipment.

4 – Electronics Manufacturing

If you are visiting this site you know all about the value of extruded aluminum heat sinks and casings to help manage heat generated by semi-conductors and processors. Did you know that because extruded aluminum designs are reflective, they are used extensively to shield certain items or areas from many different forms of electromagnetic radiation including RF interference, infrared energy, and even visible light?

5 – Cabling

Aluminum extruded tubing is popular for housing wiring because it is non-magnetic and is especially useful for high-voltage wires. For this reason, extruded aluminum housings are the element of choice when protecting sensitive magnetic devices.

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