May 8, 2021

9 Products that Use Bent Seamless Extruded Aluminum Tubing

Seamless extruded aluminum tubing is one of the most useful and popular raw materials used for many products. Here are a few of the common products that use bent, seamless, extruded aluminum tubing.

1 – Aluminum Lighting Fixtures

Seamless aluminum tubing is excellent for light fixtures, especially outdoor light fixtures. Aluminum resists corrosion and can be treated in numerous ways to use in various décor styles.

Examples of bent extruded aluminum tubing products

2 – Aluminum Racks and Stands

Almost all racks and stands used in retail, the home décor or construction industries use seamless aluminum tubing.

3 – Aluminum Handrails

Aluminum is strong, corrosion-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor handrails, especially when you seek a modern, clean decorative style.

4 –Aluminum Handles

Aluminum is a popular material for handles both for use on consumer products such as dresser drawers and closet doors and plentiful in industrial settings when used as door handles, cart handles, and much more. Aluminum is also a popular material used for durable medical equipment, where it is fashioned grab bars for bathrooms and bedrooms.

5 –Condenser Tubes and HVAC Equipment

Bent aluminum tubing is very common in any condenser tubes such as HVAC coils, refrigeration coils, and bent aluminum tubing used for electronic heat management.

6 – Architectural Trim

Bent seamless aluminum trim is popular around windows, doors, and anywhere with transitions. Architectural trim works well both indoors and outdoors.

7 – Outdoor Structures

Seamless extruded aluminum tubing serves as the backbone for many outdoor structures such as awnings, pergolas, canopies, trellises, and much more.

8 – Furniture

Seamless extruded aluminum tubing is also popular for outdoor furniture: Garden benches, chaise lounges, patio furniture, deck chairs. The strength and beauty of aluminum also make it practical to serve as bed frames, bar stools, shelving units, and as the framework for chairs, couches, and tables.

9 – Aluminum Piping for Compressed Air Systems

Because aluminum doesn’t rust, it is becoming more and more popular as piping for compressed air systems. Traditionally, these systems are constructed from steel, but these ultimately leak. Plus, aluminum piping is cheaper to install and maintain.

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