July 2, 2014

A Custom Heat Pipe Manufacturer Explains What Heat Pipes Are and How They Work in Cooling Solutions

What are heat pipes and how do they work?

A heat pipe is a hollow metal tube filled with a liquid coolant that heats and cools in an endless cycle of evaporation and condensation. An aluminum heat-pipe cooling solutions manufacturer will provide pipes that use a basic law of physics to create this passive heating/cooling system.

A heat pipe is built to allow its lower end access to heat while keeping its upper end cool. As the lower end heats up, the coolant inside evaporates and absorbs heat. This vapor converges inside the pipe forcing it upwards into the cooler end of the tube. As the vapor is exposed to the cooler pipe, it releases its heat and returns to a liquid state.

The delta temperature difference between the vapor and the inside of the tube propels the vapor toward the coldest spot in the pipe, which controls the rate of condensation and the movement of heat. As it cools, gravity returns the coolant in its liquid form back toward the lower end of the pipe.

The Benefits of Heat Pipe Turnkey Manufacturing

Heat pipe turnkey manufacturing involves developing pipes that aid the cooling process and increase performance while also decreasing the dependence on the orientation of the pipes toward Earth’s gravitational center. Modern heat pipes have inner walls that have a capillary structure that work to break the surface tension of the coolant. The streams of coolant are self-organizing, resulting in a rate of heat transmission unmatched by solid heat spreaders or heat sinks.

Custom Heat Pipe Manufacturer Produce Reliable Pipes for a Variety of Operations

Custom heat pipe manufacturers use this knowledge to produce pipes applicable to a wide range of operations. Engineers can manipulate pipe dimensions, capillary surface structure, coolant formula and internal pressure as necessary.

Heat Pipe Cooling Solutions

A heat pipe-based cooling system enables a passive solution for high heat load and high temperature equipment, usually weighs less than traditional systems and moves more heat at a lower delta. This system lacks moving parts, and offers increased operational reliability and boasts an extraordinarily long lifetime.

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