January 22, 2015

Advantages and Solutions for Heat Pipe Cooling

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A heat pipe is a heat transfer device that combines thermal conductivity and phase transition to transfer heat between two solid interfaces. This highly efficient device provides thermal solutions to consumers around the world.

Uses of Heat Pipe Cooling

Electronics Cooling
Heat pipes are used to cool transistors and high-density semiconductors. High-performance components absorb heat easily, but heat pipes keep them cool by transmitting cold air.

State-of-the-art satellites and outer space crafts use heat pipes, as well. Shuttles are fitted with heat pipes for better air density consumption.

Heat Exchangers
Heat exchangers are found in factories and industrial power plants. Industries use heat pipes to transfer gas between heaters and boilers.

Advantages of Heat Pipe Cooling

Thermal Conductivity
One of the key benefits of heat pipes is their excellent thermal conductivity. Compared to other materials, less temperature difference is needed to conduct heat. Heat pipes provide low thermal resistance across all surfaces.

Power Flattener
Heat pipes can constantly condense the heat and maintain a consistent level while the evaporator shuffles variable heat fluxes.

Temperature Control
Evaporator and Condenser temperatures can be controlled by effective usage of heat pipes. A fixed temperature can be maintained — ideal for heating water.

Geometry Control
The condenser and evaporator use different areas to fit variable area spaces. High heat flux can be dissipated with low heat flux using natural convection.

Significant Improvement of Industrial Processes

Heat pipes can provide unlimited thermal solutions. Their use in various industries has significantly improved industrial processes and saved unnecessary expenses.

Getec Industrial, a leading heat pipe cooling company, offers a full line of heat sinks and supplies customers with technical information services designed to yield complete thermal management solutions. Typical applications include the semiconductor industry, power supply modules, LED lighting and amplifiers.

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