October 22, 2014

Advantages to a Turnkey Custom Aluminum Extrusion Company

In the aluminum extrusion process, there are two different methods of creating different thermal management solutions with aluminum. It is worth noting that a custom aluminum extrusion company and custom aluminum extrusion suppliers may always be the same company.

What Most of Getec’s Competitors Do in the Aluminum Extrusion Process

The first aluminum extrusion processing method involves multiple factories that will each perform one, or more, steps in the process. One factory will first recycle old aluminum scrap into new aluminum billets. The billets are then shipped to a second factory that will convert the billets into new aluminum parts. The new parts are shipped to third factory that will supply the parts to consumers.

In the second manufacturing method, all of the steps of the aluminum-manufacturing process are completed at the same factory. A single plant will recycle the aluminum, form the new billets, convert the billets into new aluminum products and then sell the products directly to consumers.

Getec’s Advantage in Being a Turnkey Custom Aluminum Extrusion Company

While there are a few advantages to the former manufacturing process, such as lower operational costs, there are more benefits in completing the entire manufacturing process in one location. When billets are purchased from one factory, the manufacturer will have to add charges to cover their overhead, in order to make a profit. However, while initial equipment costs will be higher, when all the steps in the manufacturing process are completed at one factory the overall production costs will be lower. Additionally, performing all the manufacturing processes in one place allows for a higher quality control, better customization and much faster processing times.

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