February 24, 2015

Aluminum Die Casting Parts and Companies that Use Them

Die-cast metal is formed by injecting highly pressurized molten metals into a hard-steel die casting mold. The machines that produce die-cast metal parts are rather expensive, but when you use a manufacturing company, the process is cost-effective. In fact, hundreds or even thousands of inexpensive parts can be put out by a single die casting machine in just one day.

The Demand for Die Cast Aluminum Parts

There is great demand for a constant flow of die-cast metal machine parts, particularly for aluminum parts. Custom aluminum die casting companies specialize in meeting this need. They supply OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) with anywhere from a hundred to a million of the exact same part per year. This sometimes requires the production of thousands of certain varieties of aluminum die-cast parts per day all year long.

Getec Industrial is One of the Top Custom Aluminum Die Casting Companies

Getec Industrial is one of the premier custom aluminum die casting companies on the scene today. They not only provide high quality and constant, high-volume output, but they also can handle hyper-customized projects with ease. For example, Getec recently assisted an OEM by producing die-cast parts for its unique in-home chocolate fountain machine. Another factor that keep Getec Industrial at the front of the pack is amazing diversity of die casting tools. This allows Getec to serve many types of customers and to avoid being overly affected by the ups and downs of the marketplace.

OEMs need huge volumes of die-cast metal parts on a consistent basis. It takes a well-organized, well-stocked company like Getec Industrial to keep up with that kind of demand

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