December 2, 2014

Aluminum Extrusion Die Products in a Variety of Industries

Modern technology introduced precision machines to produce products in mass quantities. The process of extrusion is among the examples of these technological manufacturing processes.

Extrusion forms objects from steel, plastic, polymers, ceramics, and even food materials. It uses a certain fixed cross-dimensional profile. Several fields benefit from (and technically cannot exist without) the process. These include construction, medical, biofuel, and food industries.

Even several day-to-day items we take for granted go through the process of extrusion. The items that go through extrusion go through a die, typically made of aluminum. They are then drawn through to produce the desired cross-section.

Turnkey Aluminum Extrusion Die Services Company Handles the Entire Process

As an aluminum extrusion die services company, we handle the entire process. This process can produce the complex cross-section profiles. Different industries use the process for a wide range of products.

As an aluminum die casting for extruded profiles manufacturer, we only custom make die designs. The specifications of the extruded material also produce a quality, customized die cast.

Experienced Aluminum Die Casting for Extruded Profiles Manufacturer

As an experienced aluminum extrusion die services company, we adjust the process of extrusion based on your specifications. Aluminum is not only lightweight; it is also great for providing dies for complex shapes and products that call for thin walls.

Aluminum resists corrosion, has a high thermal conductivity and has good strength at higher temperatures. This makes these dies perfect for hot extrusions where the item (usually metals) is drawn at around 75% of their melting point.

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The metal industries are dependent on extrusion processes. In fact, aluminum extrusion die casts make up around 50% of the metal industry! A reputable aluminum extrusion profiles company will be able to give you the intricacy of design you need in your product without any sacrifice in die strength.

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