November 3, 2015

Aluminum Extrusions Benefit OEM Manufacturers

In a recent Design News article, aluminum extrusion was questioned to help the supply chain for component parts production. The thought was that aluminum extrusion would help mainstream original equipment manufacturers (OEM) design, engineer, and produce the parts. At the time of the article, it has shown the ability to be adopted into the industry.


Benefits of Using Aluminum Extrusion in the Supply Chain

One of the benefits listed that extruded aluminum is so attractive in this sector is because it reduces the costs for manufacturing, gets products to the market faster, and makes the whole process more optimized.

Another benefit is the weight of aluminum. It’s less than the weight of other metals. This makes the ability to ship parts less expensive. It also helps in machinery that needs lighter parts due to different factors. Aluminum’s lightweight properties have made it a great choice for manufacturers.

With the ability for aluminum to be more effective and efficient in terms of economy, it also has design features that make it beneficial to use. This metal optimizes the cost for the manufacturing and reduces the time it takes for production. Aluminum is able to do this because it is so versatile.

The aluminum extrusion process provides the necessary design ability for projects to take on the necessary dimensions and sizes needed to fit the scope of the project.

See all of the advantages of aluminum in the chart we’ve created. There are certain properties that make aluminum extrusions are better choice for many industries.