June 8, 2022

Aluminum Heat Sinks – How They Benefit Your Computer

Aluminum Heat Sinks Benefit Computers Thermal Management

Heat sinks are a form of thermal management utilized in machinery and tech applications. You can even find them in naturally occurring systems. An example of a tech application that benefits greatly from the thermal management properties of heat sinks is computers. Our team at Getec is excited to tell you more about how an extruded heat sink can benefit your computer.

What are Heat Sinks?

We describe a heat sink as a component used to increase heat flow away from a hot device. A heat sink is a passive device that transfers the heat generated by an electronic or mechanical device to the air outside.

Heat sinks are often used in electronics, as these devices produce more heat than other machinery. Heat sinks are usually made of metal and have fins for increased surface area to improve heat transfer.

A heat sink cools electronic devices and systems. Heat sinks are typically made of metal, such as copper or aluminum, with many having a layer of aluminum oxide. A heat sink transfers the heat generated by an electronic device to the air by convection, removing it from the electronics and preventing damage or premature failure caused by overheating.

Why Do Computers Need a Heat Sink?

Heat sinks are essential for the effective operation of computers. Without a heat sink that is working correctly, a computer will not be able to function efficiently. Today’s computers utilize powerful processors. They also generate a substantial heat level. Heat sinks are necessary to keep your computer cool enough that it does not overheat and automatically shuts off. Without a heat sink, your computer’s processor would quickly reach a critical heat level that is not conducive to proper functioning.

Why Aluminum Heat Sinks?

Aluminum is a cost-effective, lightweight material, making it an excellent choice for heat sinks. Some of the most common alloys used for heat sinks include 6061, 6063, 1050, and 1100.

How Heat Sinks Work

Heat sinks move heat away from critical components of the applications they are being used in. The majority of them do this by utilizing four primary steps. They include:

  1. The source in question generates heat.
  2. Heat is transferred away from the source.
  3. Heat is distributed through the heat sink.
  4. The heat then moves away from the sink.

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