November 3, 2015

Aluminum’s Top Qualities that Make it the Best Choice for Heatsinks and Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum has unique qualities that make it more beneficial to use above other metals in different industries. Using aluminum for heatsinks provides several benefits specific to heat dissipation and reduction. Here’s why aluminum is more beneficial as a metal to use than others.

Weight of Aluminum

Aluminum is a lightweight material. It is preferred over steel in different applications because of its lighter properties. The advantages of using aluminum in certain projects for industrial designs can increase the effectiveness of the project.


Aluminum’s Strength

Despite its lightweight properties, aluminum is also a strong material. Its strength lends to creating different parts that still provide the durability and consistency needed for certain applications. Whether needing an aluminum extrusion profile or a heatsink, aluminum provides the material needed.

Aluminum is Low Maintenance

Aluminum provides a low maintenance option to other metals, especially copper. The prices for copper have increased, whereas aluminum is a lower cost material. Aluminum is reusable and abundant. Many other heatsink manufacturers use scrap metal aluminum for projects. We at Getec use a pure aluminum ingot to provide a higher quality mixture of aluminum than scrap metal. With the higher quality aluminum, we are able to provide more of the properties of aluminum for use in your project.

Aluminum is More Flexible in Design

Aluminum provides the flexibility needed to create different shapes for heatsinks and profile extrusions. Our heatsinks are all high aspect ratio and include machining. We can create a specific fin array and anodization.