July 5, 2021

5 Common Operator Mistakes During CNC Machining of Aluminum

Cnc machining aluminum operator mistakes

CNC machining for aluminum is one of the most effective ways to undertake various tasks within metal fabrication. This method combines the use of innovative software programming with state-of-the-art mechanical engineering methods. What it produced is a system known within the industry as computer numerical control. The term is commonly abbreviated as CNC. Though this technology has made a massive difference within the industry, some common problems can still occur. They are detailed below.

1. Issues with Clamping

Clamping issues are a common operator problem and often mistakes made during the CNC machining of aluminum. Clamping occurs when there is an issue with fixing the blank firmly or vibration issues during manufacturing. It is essential to check the hydraulic pump and adjust accordingly. Adequate lubrication is also key to avoiding this issue.

2. Vibration/Chatter Problems

Vibration/chatter problems are another common operator issue within the realm of CNC machining. When there is an excess of vibration/chatter during the process, the piece will be of low quality. You can avoid this issue by ensuring that the width or depth of the cut keeps deflection in a range below 1/1000th of one inch. Using balanced tool holders can also make a difference.

3. Lack of Proper Maintenance

CNC machines need to be regularly lubricated and cleaned, or issues can arise. It is also important to periodically check the airflow as well as the coolant levels.

4. Errors in Programming

Since CNC machines are controlled using computer software, programming errors are another common problem. Experienced operators must oversee the operation.

5. Issues with Tools/Settings

If tools are damaged, or the wrong tool is utilized, it can also cause problems in the finished product. It is important to always select the correct tool and the proper settings according to the utilized material.

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