June 29, 2018

Common Premium Aluminum Billet Alloys and Their Uses

Getec Industrial has constructed a billet casting facility to improve the overall quality of the aluminum billet used by our Extrusion Division. The quality of the aluminum billet supplied by others just wasn’t enough for the shapes and heat sink profiles we wanted to extrude, so we began casting our own premium aluminum billet from pure aluminum ingot.

Here are the alloys we use for our premium aluminum billet casting and what they are used for:

Custom aluminum extrusions

Alloy 2024

This is one of the most common high strength aluminum alloys available today. The aluminum within Alloy 2024 is alloyed with copper. It has high fatigue resistance and has a good strength to weight ratio. For these reasons Alloy 2024 is commonly used in the aircraft industry, specifically for wings and fuselages.

Other uses of this alloy include rivets for construction, scientific instruments, vet braces and equipment, and truck wheels, just to name a few.

Alloy 6061

This alloy has been around for over 80 years, and is one of the most common aluminum alloys in use today. It is a versatile heat-treatable alloy that contains magnesium and silicon as its main alloy elements. It can be welded easily and very resistant to corrosion. It is also one of the most popular alloys used for aluminum extrusion.

Because of Alloy 6061’s popularity, and low cost, it is used for almost everything. From boat and automobile parts to aluminum cans, this alloy does it all. Other common uses of this alloy include wiring, pipelines, SCUBA tanks, furniture, bicycle frames, fishing reels and even in infrastructure such as steps, flooring and walkways.

Alloy 7075

This alloy is one of the strongest aluminum alloys available, with strength comparable to that of steel. It can be spot or flash welded, and can be formed in an annealed state and heat treated. Because it is alloyed with zinc, it has better corrosion resistance than Alloy 2024, but is expensive. Alloy 7075 has an excellent strength per weight ratio and can be used in situations where it will be exposed to a lot of heat and/or friction.

Because of these qualities, Alloy 7075 is used in applications such as military-grade rifles, molds for plastics and tools, rock climbing gear, hang glider frames and is in wide use across the automotive, aviation and marine industries.

Get Superior Quality Aluminum Extruded Heat Sinks from Getec

So why do we use these alloys of premium aluminum billet? To create aluminum extrusions in shapes and heat sink profiles that were thought not to be possible. Where other aluminum extrusion companies use commercial grade aluminum billet, we use premium grade billet so that our products have superior thermal performance over theirs. In fact, our aluminum billet is so good, that we sell it to other industry professionals.

To learn more about our superior quality premium aluminum billet and how it can produce superior extruded aluminum shapes for you, contact us online or call us at 888-000-8499.