December 19, 2014

Getec Industrial: Benefits of CNC Machining

As technology evolves and electronics become more sophisticated, the need for more efficient thermal management solutions has become greater.

Meeting a Wide Variety of Client Needs

Getec Industrial uses the latest in machine technology, offering precision CNC machining for aluminum services, as well as precision metal stamping for aluminum services to meet a wide variety of client needs correctly and timely.

Cost Effective Precision CNC Machining for Aluminum Services

Computer numerical control machining ensures consistency and productivity that allows Getec Industrial to be more cost effective and to provide value to customers. By automating the machining process and reducing the need for operator interface and the potential for operator error, CNC machining increases efficiency and keeps costs down. Turnkey machining also allows for continuous production, ensuring timely completion of orders.

Using CNC machining, Getec Industrial creates aluminum extrusions required for a broad range of thermal management needs, producing various designs quickly and accurately to any specifications provided.

CNC machines allow Getec to move from one product design to another easily, removing the need for time-consuming modifications to existing machine configurations. Now, it’s as easy as moving from one application to another on your smart phone.

Precision Metal Stamping for Aluminum Services Solutions

Getec Industrial also offers precision metal stamping for aluminum services, producing any part configuration required for assembling your thermal management solution.

Getec Industrial is an organization that believes in constantly improving its business practices to meet thermal management challenges of today and those that arise in the future. CNC machining is the modern solution to the diverse range of thermal management needs.

Contact Getec Industrial for Experience and Quality

For more than 30 years, Getec Industrial has established a reputation for experience and quality, and provides thermal management solutions and specialty fabricated extrusion profiles for many of the largest suppliers in America. Getec products serve in a wide range of applications in commercial, industrial, military and other fields, and will continue to for years to come.

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