April 25, 2016

Getec Introduces Seamless and Extruded Aluminum Tubing Line of Service

Getec Industrial has increased their services to include a full line of tubing products and services. The line includes a variety of tubing that uses seamless and aluminum extruded services. With Getec offering their services globally to a large number of businesses, the turnkey fabrication is known to be top quality.

Full Line of Seamless and Extruded Aluminum Tubing

Getec offers a full line of tubing that includes:

  • • Seamless
  • • Seamless Drawn
  • • Extruded
  • • Extruded Drawn

The line has extensive options in dimensions and wall thickness that accompany their products and services.

The shapes vary and include rectangle, square, structural, and hexagonal.

Turnkey Production and Fabrication

With the complete turnkey fabrication of products and services, Getec also offers:

  • • CNC Machining
  • • Finishing
  • • Powder Coating
  • • Painting
  • • Shipment to your location

Getec’s standards of quality continue to improve and use new technologies to stay ahead of the competition. We strive to provide the ultimate quality control, service, and support for our customers to ensure a top-notch product.

The profiles we manufacture run in different sizes from large to small. We continuously extrude small size ratios that many of our competitors cannot. If you need help with determining your product’s desired circle size, our expert team members are on standby to help.