June 24, 2016

Growing Construction Market Leads To Increased Demand For Custom Extruded Aluminum

Technavio has released their latest research study, with their findings showing that the global aluminum extrusion market is expected to grow over the next few years.

According to their recent article, this report provides an extensive analysis of market growth concerning custom extruded aluminum manufacturers in regards to revenue and emerging market trends. To find the market size, Technavio looked at revenue from the sales of clean room equipment.

Substantial Growth in the Aluminum Market

The anodized aluminum market has increased substantially over the past few years. Researchers foresee the market continuing to grow due to the demand for building and construction applications. Demand is also growing for items such as vending machines and exercise equipment. There is also demand for projects aimed at infrastructure development. Due to the increase in construction, there is also an increase in aluminum extrusion products.

Mill-Finished Aluminum Markets

The mill-finished aluminum market is driven by applications. Mill-finished products are generally preferred to other products because of premium. Anodized aluminum is different from regular aluminum because of its enhanced mechanical properties. Anodized aluminum has a protective layer of oxide on the surface. The aluminum also gets an increase in strength.

This type of aluminum is used in the transportation and construction industries. This type of aluminum can provide protection from debris. This market will continue to expand. The global powder coated market will also expand. The process involves cleaning the surface and then adding resin from a spray gun. Once the object is melted, there is a hard coating. This particular type of coating guards against chemicals from cleaners.

Getec’s Advantage in Extruded Aluminum

Getec has a unique advantage to extend to the rising demand for extruded aluminum products in the construction industry. Getec’s Billet Casting division uses pure aluminum ingot for products, which exceeds the standards in the industry by providing a higher aluminum mix. Other companies use more scraps in their aluminum ingot billet, which results in a lesser quality product.

Getec also features turnkey manufacturing of aluminum products from concept to packaging.