April 27, 2015

How Aluminum Die Casting Techniques Reduce the Weight of Their Applications

Aluminum proves its value to new mechanical designs due to its electrical performance, lightweight and shielding properties. Let’s see how thin wall aluminum technology expands both productivity and profitability.

What is Aluminum’s Strength?

Aluminum’s premier strength, hardness, stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio warrants its use even when milled to extreme thinness. Due to such an attenuated gauge, the tool removing an aluminum casting may bend or mar the casting itself and create difficulty in maintaining dimensional accuracy while imparting the desired finish.

Benefits of Using Aluminum in Die Casting for Heatsinks

Producing a complex part with many thin sections from a single work piece proves to be less expensive than traditional piece-by-piece building up of the part. An extruded aluminum die casting manufacturer will require state of the art thin wall aluminum technology to take advantage of aluminum’s heat dissipating and corrosion resistant properties. Problems such as bending or scratching will be minimized to produce high-quality die-castings.

Different Applications of Aluminum for Extruded Aluminum Die Casting

Different applications of aluminum include automotive design, in which reducing weight improves fuel efficiency. High operating temperatures and corrosion resistance apply here and also in the computing and telecom industries. Aluminum die casting for heatsinks manufacturers is optimal usage of aluminum, which offers thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and proficient EMI and RFI shielding properties.

Handheld devices require these qualities, as well, in addition to reducing weight for portability. In fact, any sort of electronic connectors and housings will benefit from the use of aluminum. When designers and manufacturers also consider the factors of good finishing characteristics and full recyclability, aluminum will be their first choice of material

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