January 30, 2014

How Aluminum Extrusion Turnkey Manufacturing Provides Higher Performing Products with 80% Pure Aluminum Ingot

Ever since aluminum recycling began in the early 1900s, it has developed into a viable, profitable commercial enterprise. Through the application of certain industrial processes, primarily re-melting, aluminum scraps now account for approximately 30 percent of annual aluminum production in the United States. However, recycling aluminum reduces energy consumption between 90 and 95 percent compared to the extraction of aluminum from bauxite.

Aluminum Recycling as a Benefit of Using Aluminum Extrusion Profiles in Projects

Of course, aluminum recycling is not without its challenges. The energy required for re-melting is vastly reduced but not insignificant. Nor is all of the aluminum recuperated from the process. Besides which, re-melting is primarily suited to processing larger scraps as opposed to aluminum chips.

Moreover, maintaining the purity of the recycled aluminum insofar as possible can be difficult yet is important to producing strong, ductile metal comparable to pure aluminum. Small losses from re-melting or small percentages of impurities have a substantial impact in terms of financial consequences and manufacturing a quality product.

Fortunately, promising research into more sustainable aluminum production is ongoing. In particular, a process called extrusion offers the possibility of recycling small aluminum scraps without re-melting by forcing the solid metal material through a die. Extrusion requires less heat energy and retains more of the recycled aluminum than does traditional recycling.

Top-Quality Aluminum Extrusion Turnkey Manufacturing with 80% Pure Aluminum Ingot

This aluminum extrusions profiles company produces top-quality aluminum billet at a wide range of alloy, tonnage and diameter specifications. Natural-gas furnaces help to produce purer aluminum in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Most other businesses use a 20:80 ratio of pure metal to scraps; but as custom extruded aluminum manufacturers, performing such niche services as aluminum extrusion turnkey manufacturing, this company sets a higher standard of quality with higher-performing products made from 80 percent pure aluminum ingot.

Thus, in aluminum production, green methods can result in better quality and better business.