December 2, 2014

How Aluminum Heat Sinks Cool Equipment in a Variety of Applications

The heat sink is essentially a passive way of cooling your computer system down. The way it works is by absorbing the heat and dissipating it into its surroundings.

What Does a Heatsink Look Like?

It looks like a block of metal with deep and extensive grooves cut into it. This gives it a carved appearance. It has an exposed surface area, allowing it to absorb and divert more heat away from the CPU. Most of the time, heat sink manufacturers make their products out of aluminum, copper, and alloys.

What Industries Do Heat Sink Manufacturers Use Heat Sinks In?

Heat sink manufacturers make items used in the electronic engineering industry. Heat sinks have also found minor applications in automotive engineering. They are also used in LED thermal management, usually found in high-powered LED lights (those exceeding 350 milliwatts in a single bulb).

In the latter application, heat sinks can help diffuse the large amounts of heat and allow for a more reliable and longer LED life. In more extensive applications, heat sinks and heat pipes work together to cool equipment.

What Factors Do Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturers Think About to Create Heat Sinks?

As heat sink manufacturers, we take into account several factors, including intended application of the product. Different fin types are available for different intended applications. For example, pin-type fins are most effective when the wind (or in some cases, the cooling fluid) flows axially. Straight-fin configuration is better for other applications.

As aluminum heat sink manufacturers, we take into account the product’s surrounding environment. For example, heat sinks used in satellites in space need to be especially geared for radiative cooling.

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Aluminum heatsinks manufacturing is a delicate and precise process. We even take color into account for the function. Matte-black surfaces, for example, can radiate the heat better than shiny bare metal materials.

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