June 8, 2021

How Custom Heat Pipe Bending Works

Many industries use heat pipe technology to manage heat, but in order to make that technology usable, the pipe must be bent into shape. Heat pipe bending is a technique uses to create a heat management solution that works extremely efficiently in tiny spaces. Because heat pipe has such high conductivity when compared to other types of heat sinks. Using heat pipe bending to create an enclosed system where working fluid sealed within the pipe gets vaporized in the heat, condenses in the tube as it carries the heat away from the source via convection. This system is highly efficient at managing heat in tight spaces.

Close up of custom heat pipe bending

How Heat Pipe is Bent

There are several methods used to bend heat pipes. The process used depends on the final use for the bent heat pipe. Most of these methods involve some form of pushing the tube against a die, forcing it to form around that die. To prevent the tube from collapsing in on itself, some heat pipe materials are supported by a mandrel inserted into the tube.

  • Induction Bending – This method uses an induction coil that is wrapped around the area to be bent. The coil is heated to between 800 and 2200degree Fahrenheit making the pipe very malleable, and is then bent into the desired shape.
  • Press Bending – This method is used for cold pipes and tubing. Because the pipe is not supported internally, the pipe’s shape deforms somewhat. In addition, this method can only work on one size of tube and radius.
  • Roll Bending – The heat pipe passes through a series of rollers which applies pressure to gradually bending the radius of the pipe. This method causes slight deformation in the cross-section of the pipe and is designed for the pipe that is shaped into a coil or has long gentle bends in it.
  • Rotary Draw Bending – This bends pipe using toolsets used in conjunction with programmable computerized equipment to bend the heat pipe in precise shapes. This method also uses a positioning index table to help create more complex shapes. In addition, this method often uses a mandrel to prevent deformation of the pipe.

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