May 29, 2014

How Die Casting is One of the Essential Elements in the Metal Industry

The metal industry is currently experiencing rapid growth spawned by increasing needs in the industrialized world. Die casting is one of the essential elements of the metal industry. The aircraft industry, in particular, utilizes die casting to shape molten metals into various airplane parts. Die casting plays an integral role in the construction industry as well.

The History Behind Die Casting

Die casting was invented in 1838. It provided a way of creating movable type that allowed the printing industry to grow and flourish. Other industries quickly caught on to the cost effectiveness and high performance level of die casting. As a consequence it became a popular technique for the growing market in consumer goods and appliances.

The Aluminum Die Casting Technique

The technique uses a variety of metal alloys including zinc, aluminum, magnesium, copper, lead, and tin. Zinc is the most popular metal alloy for three reasons. It is the least expensive metal, and this makes it more cost effective. Secondly, it has high impact strength and is easily plated. Finally, the low melting point of zinc results in a longer die life than the other metals.

Why Choose Aluminum for Die Casting?

Aluminum is another popular metal. Aircraft industries prefer aluminum. It is lightweight, stable, and easy to form into complex shapes. It also is more resistant to corrosion than the other metals. It is extremely durable and able to withstand high temperatures and electrical conductivity. Some of the die casted products used by the aircraft industry include aircraft seats, passenger cabin components, and baggage components. Aluminum casting is also popular in the automotive industry. It is the most cost effective and efficient metal for producing high quality parts for different parts of automobiles.

How Die Casting Expands Electronic Devices

Die casting techniques are an integral part of the expanding electronic devices market.

Electronic devices are one of the defining characteristics of our contemporary world. Flat screen monitors, digital cameras, and cell phones seem to be omnipresent, and they are constantly being upgraded.

Die casting is a technique used in a wide variety of industry sectors around the world. One reason for its popularity is that it produces reliable durable results at cost effective prices. Metal casting does not require secondary machine operations. It produces smooth and thinner walls than other metal techniques.

In other words, die casting is fast and efficient, cost effective, and very reliable. It makes no sense to turn to other techniques. If you are searching for the right answer to your thermal solutions give us a call. We are a aluminum die casting services for extruded profiles company. We specialize in aluminum die castings heat management turnkey services and custom aluminum heat sink turnkey services.