May 28, 2015

How Manufacturers Make Custom Aluminum Extrusion Products

To create custom aluminum extrusion products, the manufacturer starts the manufacturing process with the aluminum Billet. These billets weigh on average 1200lbs and are 22 feet long.

Billet is Heated

The billet is then fed into an oven with 900 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature heats up the aluminum alloy into a plastic state. At this state, the alloy is extremely malleable but not molten.

The billet is then removed out of the oven and is deformed into a perfect length, normally thirty, depending on the shape that is being made.

Extruding the Aluminum Shape

The extrusion loader then feeds the log to the extrusion presses. The extrusion loader places the record in front of a container.

An enormous ram pushes the log into this container and exerts a pressure of 3000 tons inside. This pressure thrusts and squeezes the almost molten aluminum via the steel extrusion die.

The molten aluminum takes the shape of the profile that is inside the steel die, once it is forced via the extrusion die. Then molten aluminum the leaves the extrusion die in a long stock length form.

Monitoring the Custom Aluminum Extrusion Process

The digital read out is a high-tech machine that monitors the whole process. All the information is stored on the servers that are used to design the extrusion recipes for each profile.

An extrusion puller holds the end of the extrusions as the molten aluminum leaves the press. It also guides the parts along the path of the run out table.

Once the aluminum is manufactured, each stock length piece must be separated from the “continuous extrusion process.” It is made possible by the special movable hot saws, which cut the pieces.

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