December 1, 2020

How to Find an Excellent CNC Aluminum Machining Company

There are many CNC aluminum machining companies out there, but how do you find an excellent one to handle your CNC aluminum machining project? Here are a few ideas of what to look for.

Sources High-Quality Aluminum Billet

Numerous studies have shown that using higher quality aluminum billet, such as that with a high level of purity, responds far better to shaping than that of standard industrial aluminum billet. Using premium-grade aluminum billet produces premium-grade results when CNC machines cut and shape the aluminum. It allows a skilled aluminum CNC operator to cut the aluminum cleaner, shape the aluminum better, and produce precise results that match the programming of the CNC exactly as planned.

CNC machining for aluminum

Selects the Right Aluminum Grade for the Project

Aluminum comes in many different grades and alloys, each of which has numerous strengths and weaknesses. An excellent CNC aluminum services company understands this and always selects the appropriate aluminum grade for the job. For example:

  • Aluminum 2024– Is an alloy that has great wear resistance and strength, but has poor corrosion resistance and weldability. This grade is used for a lot of military and aerospace projects.
  • Aluminum 6061– This is one of the most popular aluminum grades used for aluminum extrusions. It has great corrosion resistance, is very workable, has good toughness and strength, and is easy to weld.
  • Aluminum 7075– This grade is also quite popular and is known to have superior fatigue strength, making it perfect for a lot of parts that are in for a lot of wear and tear such as fuselages, bike parts, auto parts, and even wings for aircraft. But this grade really cannot be welded, so parts manufactured with this grade need to be in one piece, such as parts that are fabricated through the CNC machining process.

Hires Friendly, Knowledgeable Engineering Staff

The quality of the precision CNC machining for your aluminum projects depends on a large part on the skill and experience of the CNC operator fabricating the parts from your plans. A high-quality aluminum CNC machining company understands that excellent communication skills are an essential component in producing the best product possible for the customer, and hire engineers who are excellent collaborators who can quickly identify production issues, suggest improvements, and deliver projects that are as good as, or better than, the plans that drove the project.

Provides Opportunities for Prototyping Aluminum Projects

There are a lot of variables in the aluminum CNC machining process and because of the expense of large-scale aluminum part fabrication, it is good to be able to build a rapid-turnaround prototype for your aluminum project design to make sure that it performs as expected, that everything fits the way it should, and that no issues with production. This is very important especially if you are about to take the project into mass production.

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