November 20, 2013

How Turnkey Manufacturing for Heatsink Services has Improved with Technology that Decreases Costs While Maximizing Performance

New heatsinks decrease costs while maximizing performance

Traditional fins are spaced farther apart than the new ultra-thin aluminum fins found in the newer heat sinks. This is a new innovation in heat sink technology. This spin-off of conventional technology consists of an ultra-thin extrusion. Just like with any new innovation there always comes a cost.

The new technology adds an increased tooling cost. It is a 150% increase, which may seem extreme to some. However, you need to keep in consideration that this is only a one-time additional cost. A custom aluminum extrusion company can help you with setting up the process.

This change also has benefits:

  1. The assembly cost for turnkey manufacturing for heatsink services is now lower in comparison to the previous models.
  2. The previous fin-to bond joint method is now eliminated.

When comparing the reduction in electrical cost of the newer sink models with the ultra-thin aluminum fins, understand how the previous model sinks were used with a power semiconductor. The temperature of the junction is reduced through a simple process. First, the heat travels to the case from the junction. Next, the heat travels through the thermal interface material from the case to the sink. Through thermal resistance, the heat then distributes it to the air.

In the majority of the scenarios the heat sink is in the main element in of reduction of heat. It is the element that distributes the heat away from the semiconductors die. This attribute can be related directly to the thermal performance measure.

Maximizing Thermal Performance

Maximizing thermal performance, while decreasing costs, are the desirable achievements of cooling a power semiconductor. Getec is a qualified aluminum extrusion heat sink turnkey services company that believes it is important to realize that thermal performance is directly related to the junction temperature of the powers semiconductor. What does this mean? This means it is better to have a lower junction temperature.

A lower junction temperature will ensure a more productive and reliable performance. The cost is overall dependent on the thermal management device. This is the agent that absorbs the heat and disburses the heat from the semiconductor. For power semi-conductors, sinks have been found to be the most economical choice for thermal management devices.