June 22, 2017

Material Advantages and Benefits of Aluminum – Part 3

Aluminum for heat sink manufacturing

This month continues our four-part series on the material advantages and benefits of aluminum. Because of the highly recyclable nature of aluminum, it makes it an excellent material for seamless drawn tubing and heat sink manufacturing.


Aluminum is considered to be a paramagnetic metal. A paramagnetic metal is a metal that has a very weak attraction to magnets. Even large, powerful magnets have a limited effect on aluminum. Because aluminum is so commonly used in electronics, its paramagnetic nature is seen as an asset when manufacturing electronic parts that are in close proximity to magnetic-sensitive components such as hard drives as well as (unshielded) cables and wire used within electronic components.


One of the most well-known properties of aluminum is its recyclability. It is 100% recyclable, and aluminum that is produced from recycled material can saves at least 90% of the energy involved in producing new aluminum. Because recycling is so widespread, recycled aluminum is often easier to obtain and cheaper.


As anyone who has used aluminum foil to wrap burgers at a family picnic knows, aluminum is highly reflective. This ability to reflect light also helps reflect and radiate heat, which makes it a natural material to use as a heat shield.

This is the end of part 3 of the Material Advantages and Benefits of Aluminum. Tune in next month for part 4.

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