October 22, 2014

Meeting the Challenge in LED Lighting by Thermal Management Solutions Company, Getec

In a recent LEDs Magazine article, the article stated that revolutionary LED-based solid-state lighting products are being made to represent basic LED lighting and is being implemented all over our homes and cities. However, LED based lighting doesn’t operate like normal Legacy bulbs. Instead, they operate on thermal management. When the LED lighting creates light, heat is also transmitted in the surrounding areas of the light, and that heat will last as long as the light is on. Different forms of aluminum extrusions, which work to hold the lighting in without burning away itself, can make the LED lighting.

Architects from all over the world, according to the article, are requesting those energy saving and long lasting lights that produce a bright LED lighting while consuming very little energy. Another amazing reason custom aluminum extrusion companies from all over are working with LED lighting is the fact that many different forms can be made to hold the light, which created a new process in lighting. That is the design and outlook of the light in comparison with its surroundings.

The Challenge for Thermal Solutions

The LED light works based on the way a thermal management solutions company has found a to release all the built-up heat that is being constantly created by the light. That is by creating passive thermal management products.

Normally, just adding one passive thermal management product per light effectively releases all the built-up heat, and keeps the atmosphere from getting too warm around the light.

Getec has risen to the challenge by creating quality RoHS compliant and certified heat sinks and thermal management solutions.

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