November 24, 2015

Quality Control in Metal Stamping Industrial Projects

Metal stamping is a metalworking process that creates shapes from different forms of metal such as aluminum. These shapes are made into everyday items including jewelry, coin currency, and even mechanical parts. Some items are often times processed in industrialized factories that serve establishments involved in aerospace and the medical industry, where quality can determine life and death situations.

In the industrial world, the quality of materials used for stamping often decides how long the product will last. It is especially important to use materials that will stand up to the wear-and-tear of usage when used among specialty industries. Metal should be inspected both before and after the stamping process. precision metal stamping for aluminum services require extensive quality checks to ensure the product’s safety and durability. At the beginning of inspection, metal is identified by its elemental makeup and where it was produced. If the manufacturer can produce documented proof of the metal’s quality, it can be used as a trusted source of metal stamping material.

The final process consists of non-destructive testing and inspection based on the products future purpose. Prototype products are created for this purpose in order to test for quality. This allows any existing issues to be identified and immediately addressed. High-quality standard companies keep their product rejection rate below 1%, which demonstrates that quality control is being implemented through every step of the fabrication process. By following these safety measures, custom aluminum metal stamping services provide more durable, smoother, and long-lasting products.