June 22, 2015

Solutions for Thermal Cooling with Aluminum Heat Pipe Design and Technology

In terms of heat transference, heat pipes offer the highest thermal conductivity. Additionally, they are lightweight, inexpensive and adjustable to any size and shape. Heat pipes are ideal heat transfer systems, offering simple and reliable operation with the ability to transport heat quietly and quickly over long distances.

Heat Pipe Applications and Functions

Heat pipes are very commonly used for many heating functions. They work through a two-phase system, transferring the heat through a working fluid inside the pipes. Systems of pipe heating have been developed since 1970, and Thermacore has been an industry leader in aluminum heat pipe design and technology since its inception.

Heat Pipes are Effective and Efficient

Heat pipes have been proven to be one of the most effective and efficient forms of heat transfer, with conductivities immensely larger than solid conductors like graphite, copper and diamond. Heat pipes work through a working fluid, which transmits the energy from the heat source to the heat sink. There are three main sections, starting with the heat source or evaporator second is the transport section, which transfer the working fluid to the third section, which is the condenser.

Heat Pipe Components

In order to be effective, the heat pipe must have three major components. The working fluid, capillary structure at the evaporator and condenser, and a vacuum sealed shell. Through these meticulously researched and designed components, heat is efficiently transported to the condenser in a flexible and low cost array of capillaries.

There is also a wick structure lining the inside of the heat pipe. This provides the ability to develop the capillary action, pulling the working fluid down the system with little to no energy. Maintaining a vacuum allows the working fluid to sustain heat from the evaporator, without leeching into the environment and thus providing heat where it is most needed.

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