February 25, 2014

The Advantage of Aluminum Die Casting Services for Extruded Profiles

At Getec Industrial, we use die casting to create a variety of parts for industrial use. What is die casting? Die casting is the process of pressurizing the combination of Zinc, Aluminum and Copper. At Getec, we focus on aluminum die casting for many reasons.

Once this pressure process is completed, we produce many parts for lower costs at a high amount of volume than other manufacturers. We back our products completely, and our clients are extremely positive about the work that we complete for them. Using our aluminum die casting products helps them to maintain their standing in their competitive fields.

The Advantage of Aluminum Die Casting Services for Extruded Profiles

There are many reasons that aluminum die casting is important. It is very reasonably priced for a large amount of components. These types of units will last a very long time. We can also make a variety pieces in different shapes and dimensions. These parts are a lot stronger than plastic ones, and they are extremely durable for heavy loads of wear and tear.

How We Create Clean and High Quality Aluminum Die Casting Products

At Getec Industrial, as an extruded aluminum die casting manufacturer, we create clean and high quality products, and we use gas – burning natural furnaces. Our aluminum die casting services for extruded profiles company focuses on nine extrusion presses. There are a variety of tonnage applications, with diameters that reach 20”, offering the best choices for our clients. Our aluminum die castings heat management turnkey services provide the use of EDM machines with 15 wire power. This gives us the ability to get the product to our clients in the quickest amount of time. We also focus highly on the 3,000, 5,000, 6,000 and 7,000 premium billet manufacturing to increase production.

We are an aluminum die casting services for extruded profiles company and we do not use products that are produced like other companies. Our products are 100 % aluminum, 80 % raw ingot. This is the reason our sink products have the best thermal performance in the market. We pride ourselves in offering the best products and services to our clients.