July 23, 2014

The Benefits of Thermal Management for LED Cooling with Aluminum Heatsinks Manufacturing

Generally speaking, aluminum is superior to other metals for extruded applications. Heat sink extrusions manufacturers know that aluminum has a high strength to weight ratio. Because of its high strength to weight ratio, it is both strong and also very lightweight. In fact, it is about a third of the weight of steel, copper or brass.

Benefits of LED Cooling Aluminum Heatsinks Manufacturing

LED cooling aluminum heatsinks manufacturing relies on the fact that it is exceptionally rust proof due to built-in protection in the form of an oxide film and can be improved by well-established treatments. This metal has the capability for being ready to machine on standard equipment and can be processed at high speeds (600-700 surfaces/minute).

This metal is both easily joined and easily formed. There are many ways to achieve joining, including welding, brazing, soldering, adhesive bonding, and various forms of mechanical fastening. Standard conventional equipment is sufficient for many applications for forming or bending extruded aluminum items.

Additionally, it has high electrical conductivity and superlative thermal properties. When compared one-to-one based on identical weight items, it is twice as conductive as copper. For items of the same size, it carries two-thirds the current but costs a great deal less.

How Aluminum Manufacturing Benefits LED Thermal Management Projects

Aluminum is both a good heat conductor and a good heat reflector. It conducts heat almost as well as silver, copper, and gold, which are some of the best heat conductors available. Its heat conductivity makes it very well suited to various LED thermal management aluminum heatsinks manufacturing applications. Plus, its high reflectivity makes it work well as a heat shield.

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