August 29, 2014

The Greatest Benefits of Using Aluminum for Extrusions Profiles

The utilization of aluminum extrusion profiles has been a boon to electronics manufacturers for years, especially considering the large number of heatsink applications that are integral to the cooling of the components. Our aluminum die casting for extruded profiles manufacturer division creates these components, which can be easily explained as any part that is forced through a die – in this case, we use aluminum alloy.

Why Use Aluminum for Aluminum Extrusions Profiles

Aluminum alloy is inexpensive and easy to manipulate. There are many applications for extrusion profiles like these used in many different products currently available on the market. As an aluminum extrusions profiles company, we create these aluminum extrusion profiles to help to cool mechanisms efficiently, while still keeping the light weight and strength that is needed to provide a reliable, safe electronic product.

Extrusions can be molded to fit any size or function that the manufacturer requires. And because aluminum alloy is fairly easy to work with, the extrusions can be die cast into various unique forms that may be needed by the manufacturers. This flexibility is paramount, especially when designing heatsinks, because there are often different electronic products to consider. Aluminum can be manipulated in so many ways. It can be refined, smelted, and scrapped and made into foil, sheets, and fins.

Aluminum in Comparison to Other Metals

There are other materials that can be used to make a heatsink, but aluminum is preferable. Copper is not easily manipulated, making it more expensive and labor-intensive choice. It is a better conductor – it has twice as much thermal conductivity as aluminum does – but the benefits do not justify the difficulty in using and molding copper into the forms needed by manufacturers.

The Greatest Benefit of Using Aluminum for Extension Profiles

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of using aluminum for extension profiles is how easy it is to customize the pieces. Production is incredibly easy, making it the best material for the job. It is also wise to combine aluminum with other materials, like copper, to reap the benefits of the conductivity of those materials.

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